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Zach, Derek and Robbie are dedicated to providing the best content possible! We have two different channels Nerd Cave and Nerd Cave Gaming. Nerd Cave covers Pop Culture, Movies, and TV. Nerd Cave Gaming covers Let's Plays and Gaming News. 


The Nerd Cave Podcast Segments

Every weekday, Derek Diamond, Robbie Rawls and Zach Dykes get together a bring a news worthy topic to you our awesome viewers. The full episode is posted Friday but you can get it all early on our awesome Patreon


The Nerd Cave Podcast Full Show

Each Monday a new The Nerd Cave Podcast episode debuts on Patreon for our supporters and on Friday the full Episode is Posted here!  


Nerd Cave Live

If you enjoy live streams then you are in the right place. Here is a catalog of all of our gaming live streams!


Nerd Cave Plus

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM CT Zach and a rotating second chair discuss all the video game news there is.