Fallout has taken many people into the Wasteland once again in it's fourth iteration. Robbie and Zach are here to bring you some helpful glitches to make your journey's a little easier. This currently works so be sure you use it before Bethesda patches the game.

Needing to fight a tough enemy and you aren't a high enough level? Well look no further here is how to get Unlimited XP.

Everything runs on caps in the Wasteland and you can never have enough. Here is a way to cheat to get as many caps as your money grubbing hands can carry. This is also good for getting ammo, guns, armor or any item that you are eying. 

Have an item that you want to duplicate? This glitch will allow players to duplicate any item that they have. 

The last glitch is for the Cryolator (freeze gun.) This is located in Vault 111 early in the game but you must be a master lock picker to be able to get the weapon. Here is the way to get it as soon as you get Dogmeat in the game.