The open beta has come to a close but I had the opportunity of playing it over the Holiday break. Rainbow 6 Siege is the first game in the franchise since Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in 2008. 

Playing only a few matches of the beta I saw that this game is something different than I am used to.  The new mechanics were a breath of fresh air and fun to experiment with. The one thing that I found is this game is going to require me finishing a dedicated team to play with. In the let's play that I did you will see how team work is vital for success and it is clear that most people including myself don't have that mentality. 

Ubisoft has done a great job at developing an interesting take on the genre with heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and co-operation between players. The game offers no campaign but a focus on multiplayer. 

Rainbow 6 Siege hits breaches the market on Decmeber 1st, 2015.